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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Getting Your "Feet Wet" On a Local Level

Hi Sharon,

My name is Tamara. I stopped you today in Harlem in the middle of the street on St. Nicholas in the rain. First, I'd like to thank you so much for being so pleasant due to the fact that I ran up on you like the police. I'm sorry I just had to speak with you. I am an aspiring model and I've gone through the basics of the beginning stages. I want to really get some experience on the local level and I wanted to know where to find such opportunities. Are there agents dedicated to finding plus models work?

Please stay in touch and if you need an intern or someone to just help you carry your bags( sort of like an armor bearer for the pastors at church) I would like to extend my availability. Any practical first hand experience or exposure to the modeling world would be appreciated.

All the best,


Hi Tamara,

Thanks for contacting me, I remember you and I am assuming that you were the driver of the car (because the passenger didn't say too

I am curious as to what you mean by " I am an aspiring model and I've gone through the basics of the beginning stages."

What exactly are you considering "the Basics of the beginning stages?". As for training on the local level....I would consider you checking out the following sites:

The Plus Academy - - This is a sort of "school for aspiring plus sized models". There aren't many of these places in NY that offer as many courses as The Plus Academy. I often lecture there and my series is called "Modeling 101 - The Basics" and is a definite "Must" for anyone who is thinking about becoming a plus sized model. My suggestion to you is to definitely take that course....I am basing my statement on the question in the email...."Are there agents dedicated to finding plus models work?" My course will explain to you everything you need to know to get started.

De'Voe Signature Events - - This is another web site from the owner of The Plus Academy. She often has events, lectures, shows...etc for plus sized women and will keep you informed on what's going on in the plus sized community.

I don't want to overload you with too much information all at these two sites should be a good start for you.....

Note: I don't know how serious you are about beginning your career...but I will tell you this...there is a LOT of work involved and a lot of money that you will have to spend... and if you are not dedicated to "making it happen" it won' please give it some serious thought before throwing your hat into the ring!

I wish you nothing but the best and please keep me informed of your progress!


ps - as for the intern position.....I have nothing available right now but I am sure that I will need one soon. Please stay in touch with me!


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