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Monday, July 10, 2006

A Blast From My Past...well actually several blasts..

I don't know if you all this (actually, I am sure you don't) but when I first had this website under contact email addy was
However, it was only a temporary address and the site was still under construction...I simply forgot to check the mailbox. Last week I got a email alert from the server and that's when I remembered that I had another mailbox for the site.

To make a long story short...a lot of the emails were from people (from my Choir days with The Inner City Voices...pre Kirk Franklin ya'll!!) that I have not seen in over 20 years....go figure! They brought back some of my fondest memories and some of them give you an intimate peek into what "The Runway Diva" was like back in the day!

I am going to post a couple can!


Hi Sharon,

I don't know if you remember me, my name is Diane (Mason) Dixon but I used to be in "Inner City" with you. When I saw the pageant aire on television in Indianapolis, Indiana your face drew me right in. I tuned in during the 2nd part of it so at that time I didn't know what the connection was but I continued to watch the show.

My youngest daughter and I picked our favorites to win (she picked the actual winner and I picked you) and we continued to root you two on. Once it was over she asked me why I picked you and I told her because you exemplified style and fearlessness with great pride in who you were. You strutted that way and you sported the bald head with that "watch out attitude". She just said "I guess" and that was it. She's only 15 so she really didn't understand what I meant. I further explained to her that she has her own sense of style and she usually goes against the grain of what other people wear and you were doing the same thing with the bald head. She finally understood what I meant and stated "Okay, mama I get it she is just being matter what others may think or say". "Yeah you've got it", I said.

Anyway, the pageant aired again that Tuesday evening and I caught it from the very beginning this time. When I saw the bio that said Sharon Quinn, age 44, New York City. All the bells and lights went off in my head. I had seen your face before and I remembered the name. The age was my same age bracket. Immediately I identified you with a girl name Kathy (she is deceased now), then Ramona Gadsden and then Inner City. The next day I got Mona's phone number and called her to see if I was indeed correct. She told me I was. She was shocked that I remembered you and hadn't seen you since the Inner City days.

I was amazed that after 20+ year I hadn't forgotten your face even thought I do have a pretty good memory. The greatest thing was I remembered you being very quiet, not as out-spoken or daring as some of us were back then. We were quite a bunch a characters when we were younger. Mona considered me a rebel back then and I knew I really was. Then all the memories of George, Jeffery, Cheryl, Sabrina etc. came flooding back and how we used to love to sing and try to blow the other choirs out of the water.

Back then you almost seemed to blend in the background not drawing any attention to yourself, yet I remembered who you were. I thought to myself, my, my, my how time brings about a glorious change and from what my memory allowed me to remember the quiet girl had turned into a "DIVA" with undeniable style and grace.

Well my sista, I just wanted to share that with you and send you these word of encouragement. I myself have always loved the "FAT DIVA" style of attitude and dress since I was a young girl. I believe whole-heartedly, if you believe in yourself you must represent who you are with no regrets, reservations and definitely no shame. You have represented yourself and alot of women in "TRUE DIVA" fashion and I pray you tear the roof off the ceiling and let the skies be your destiny.....because girl "You wear it well".

Much love to you my sista and may God bless you in all you do and aspire to do.

In "2005"
Sisters Strong in the Spirit Survive

Step Up.....Step Out.....Step On!

Diane D. Dixon


I am so sorry that I am just responding to your email now....this was only a temporary mail box until my site was up and running and I totally forgot about it.....So I am only getting these emails now.

Of course I remember who you are and it's funny....I just ran into Ramona & Adrienne at a party a few weeks ago and your name came up while we were reminiscing. Anyway, I am going to seriously try to make the First Baptist Church Homecoming this weekend....I heard you might be attending...if so you will probably see me on Sunday.

Thanks for the beautiful memories and the words of encouragement. Hopefully I will see you soon...Take care and continue to prosper.


Hey Sharon,

I got an e-mail about Sharon Quinn on Oxygen and I said to myself is that my Sharon from ICV???? When I opened it and saw your picture, I knew for sure it was you. I have seen your ads on t.v and in Catherines' catalog. I don't have the Oxygen channel I would love to see it! Congrats on your success and may it continue! I hope to hear from you soon darrrrling- if you're not too booked! LOL . . . !

Hey Debbie!

I am so sorry that I am just responding to your email now....this was only a temporary mail box until my site was up and running and I totally forgot about it.....So I am only getting these emails now.

This is so damn weird to me....first...Phyllis Jackson (remember her?) starts turning up at my shows at BB Kings, then I run into Mona & Adrienne at a party 2 weeks ago, then I see Reena from the bus I was on last week THEN I run into Curtis Reeder....and then after I read this email....I look at the next one and it's from Diane Mason!!!! Sounds to me like we need to plan some sort of a reunion soon. Anyway, those ICV memories have always been happy ones for me and I think of all you guys often (I have enough pictures of us to make your head spin). I hope you are well and I hope you are still singing!!! Please catch me up on what's been going on in your life.....I am so very glad that we have reconnected.

Thank you for your wonderful words of encouragement...I do appreciate them. Make sure you watch the new season of MFC....which airs this Saturday, July 15th at 8pm EST

Take care and stay positive!


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