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Saturday, February 03, 2007

More on Commercial Print Modeling.......

Hello Sharon,

Thank you for the advice.. I would love to do fashion modeling but my main desire is to do only commercial print modeling.. I know that SOMETIMES they use average everyday people for commercial print modeling... I really appreciate you helping me and when I get a better camera I will send you more pictures. But may you please email me and tell me what the requirements are to be a commercial print model?

Thank You

I look forward to hearing from you again.


The specifics are the same across the board....please go to my site and read those post that I told you about on "Getting Started" it is WAY too much for me to reprint in this email. Also, I know you say you wish to focus on Commercial Print....but as I tell all the aspiring models that I speak to....there is a place for almost all types in this business.....and you must sum up your strengths and weakness and then GET IN WHERE YOU FIT IN....

Does that make sense to you? What I mean in a nutshell is this: You may WANT to focus on commercial print but that may not be where you fit in....understand? And just because you already know where you want to focus your energies...does not mean you should skip learning the basics....It isn't likely that you'll even get a foot in the door unless you have some skills....Taking good photographs is a learned art is well. all I am saying is that you need to do your "homework" and hone your skills as you begin your journey as a model.

Also, I need to know...when you say "commercial print" what exactly does that mean to you?? Do you mean a character model like the "Pine Sol Lady" or "Wendy the Snapple Lady"? These folks may LOOK like average, everyday ordinary people, but trust me they are skilled actors as well!

I am not sure what city you reside in but if you insist upon going to an agent hoping that they will sign you raw, with no skills and perhaps "work with you"...then it's as simple as picking up the phone book and/or the "Trade" papers in your city (i.e. BACKSTAGE, SHOW BUSINESS etc>) and find out when the agencies have open calls and just go in. I would NOT recommend that you do that....but it your choice to make.

Do the work. It's as simple as that.

Good luck in all that you do!



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