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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Is A Size 12-14 A Plus Size????


My name is Tammithee W. I was one of the contestants in Monique's New York 2007 Beauty contest. I was so very disappointed when I did not get the call to be one of the finalists. I am a size 12 and that makes me a full figured model. Even though I did not make it to the finals I was happy to have met you and Monique you two were down to earth. The reason that I am emailing you, is because I would appreciate it, if you could email me with some information on auditions on the lower plus sized models. I am a model at heart, I eat sleep dreaming of soon becoming a model. I have a saying, "ONE MUST BE AT THE RIGHT PLACE, AT THE RIGHT TIME" If you can find it in your heart to email me with info on lower sized plus models, I would be extremely grateful.

Thank You,

Tammithee W.

Hello Tamithee....

Forgive me but I thought this term was so funny to me...."Lower sized plus models". there really such a thing???

Seriously though, my heart goes out to you because of late I have seeing a backlash against the plus sized girls on smaller end of the spectrum. You're too big to be standard size models and too small to be a true plus sized's really a catch-22 and a hard place to be right now. One of the most frequent statements that I get from my fans is "You're not Fat"....I don't even try to defend myself KNOW how much weight I am carrying, I don't have to explain myself or my body to anyone.)

Your bigger sisters are not feeling you because you all (the 10,12 & even 14's) have dominated the industry for so long and now the bigger girls are finally getting a foot in the door and they have way less tolerance for the smaller girls right now.

The good news is....most agencies will still look at a 12 and if you can get a decent can still probably get a lot of catalog work and overseas (they still book the smaller girls frequently). I don't know what you look like and I don't know your "stats" so I really can't give you too much more info than that right now.

I hope that this serves as a good start for you....please let me know how you are coming along from time to time.


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