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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Auditioning Tips for F.A.T. Chance 2007

As many of you have heard by now....word on the street is that Mo'Nique's F.A.T. Chance 2007 is filming in Paris, France!!!!! YAY!!!! (I LOVE That City!!!)

Now I get stopped on the street nearly every day and I receive tons of emails asking the same questions from women who either:

Want to know when the next audition for FAT Chance is?

Auditioned last year and didn't get selected and want to know why?

Are thinking of Auditioning but think they are too old/not pretty enough/not a model etc... (you can see where I am going with this one...right?)

Well, I have some answers, a few suggestions and a little advice for those coming out to audition in 2007:

We don't begin to go back on the road for the new season of FAT Chance until around Feb-Mar 2007. But then this gives you plenty of time to start to get yourself together doesn't it? You need to keep checking the Oxygen Website ( or keep checking Mo'Nique's site ( for updates on the dates and cities that we will be holding the castings in.

In the meantime....Here's a peek into how you need to prepare:

1. Be honest. I am not interested in someone who comes in and shows me "what they think I want to see"....all I am interested in is who you are, and how did you come to be the person you are.

2. Be prepared...think about what may be asked of you.....ask yourself honestly why YOU should be Miss F.A.T. and then you need to be able to tell us clearly and passionately why we should pick YOU out of all of the THOUSANDS of women that we will see.

3. Do not come with a sad story if it's not yours to tell.....we want to hear YOUR story...the one that's UNIQUE to YOU and YOU alone.

4. The first thing that usually happens at these auditions is that they give you a number and take your photo...AS SOON AS YOU that means you should groom yourself BEFORE you arrive. You only get one chance to make a first impression....make it a good one.

FYI: Please know that there will be many producers at the auditions and there is no guarantee that you will even get to audition for me during the preliminary know that these are MY SUGGESTIONS based on what I have seen thus far....the other producers may be looking for something totally different from what I am looking at. But I hope that you will find my information helpful to you and I look forward to meeting you all next year!

Have a Safe and Happy Thanksgiving Family!


At 9:09 PM, Blogger Marcella said...

Hey Shoe Buddy,

It's Marcella...aka Sexty-Three!!! I soooooo enjoyed being at the audition today. I'll be back next year!!!

At 10:40 AM, Blogger Shelia said...

Hey Sharon, I enjoyed myself yesterday but I would rather had an audition alone instead of 12 other ladies in the room with so the judges could get to know me on a personal level but it was still great. I am a recently honorably discharged military person and I was discharged after 13 years for not being able to get the weight off after having my children so now I am pursuing a career in my own business in interior decorating. Decorating is a way to display your style and I think becoming miss F.A.T. is just that a way of displaying your style as a full figured woman. So please check out my style @

At 7:51 PM, Blogger sphshnnn said...

Hi, Sharon
My name is Sophia Shannon and we met at the auditions in Chicago,IL.
I'm very upset about not being picked, i didn't go into my audition talking about my struggle even though i was going through. i just went in there and told the judge why i should be miss F.A.T. now i wish i would have opened up and let everything out. when i got home i cried some more and i also made a tape of myself and sent it to mo nique, i pray to god there is still hope for me.

At 7:30 PM, Blogger 2desire said...

My name is Desire'e and I am wanting to get into plus size modeling. Where do I begin? Can you help me?


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