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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Finding a good body shaper/foundation

Miss Original Runway Diva,

I was on your website & I listened to the interview that you had with "Greene on the Scene". The tips you gave were very informative & helpful. Can you tell me, where can I find a good body shaper? I tried fredricks, but those are white girl girdles. I need something thats gonna hold me & give me shape & curve the hips and stomach!! any ideas??

Love ya


Thanks for contacting me....Congratulations in knowing that a good foundation is an ABSOLUTE MUST!!!! for a plus sized gal! I am assuming that you are from New York City....if so there is a wonderful place in Harlem on 125th St between 5th & Lenox Avenues called "Lady Luv". They have excellent bras & foundations there. And the sales staff is very courteous and shouldn't have a problem!

Good Luck and as always....let me know how it goes!



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