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Monday, July 10, 2006

Update on an Aspiring Plus Model

This sista was one of the first people to email me after my first runner up victory in the first season of Mo'nique's F.A.T. chance...the next time I saw her she attended a modeling seminar that I was teaching at The Plus Academy in NYC. She sent me this email and some photos and I am pleased to report her progress here.

Dear Sharon,

I finally had my first photo shoot after the posing class I took at the Plus Academy. I didn't want to send you a zillion photos so I attached just a few that I thought we nice. These are not retouched and the photographer does not want me to use them until they are. If you have some free time please critique them for me. I have developed a tough (or tougher lol) skin since Rip the Runway so do your worst! Thanks for much for the Modeling 101 class. I definitely have a one up on other new models in the industry. Once I get the handle on posing I will go all out for that shoot. Thanks again and I hope to see you soon.

Elizabeth Seifu



That first pic is SMOKING!!!!! This is a real good start Elizabeth, I am very proud of have very expressive eyes....learn to use them more....that and your smile will be your "moneymakers" me on this.

I like the close up head shot but I almost wish you weren't pouting so much....The red lip is almost TOO strong...but it's kinda sexy in a 70's glam sort of way....but you definitely can go ahead and make your first comp card with the photos you have....try not to use more than three photos...four max...(one on the front...up to three on the back).

Try working more movement into your next couple of are just starting out experiment....try some "crazy" stuff....look through the fashion mags and try and duplicate some of the shots you see. Continue to shoot photos that make you stand out from the pack!

Also, try and get a nice, clean beauty shot on your next couple of really will need one for the front of your card eventually.

One more thing...make sure that you go over the photos for your card with someone who has a more professional eye than you and can see you in a different light.

THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT...NEVER CHOOSE THE PHOTOS FOR YOUR CARD WITH OUT YOUR AGENT/BOOKER. They know what the clients are searching for much better than you do.

Well, I don't want to put you on information overload so I will stop for now....but know that I am very impressed with how well you are doing and how quickly you are catching on.

Continue to keep me informed of your progress and be sure and contact me if you have any questions.

Much success!



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